Hi!  I'm Aleisha  - I'm a 25  yrs old doing life as a Mama, Wife,
Photographer, Caramel Latte Drinker and Youth Pastor. Currently living in Sunny Nelson NZ!

A little bit about me!

 After finishing High School, I won a Scholarship to study Graphic Design in Christchurch. While studying to be a designer I discovered I had a love for connecting with and photographing people. 
I never dreamed of being a photographer. Becoming a Graphic Designer was my dream.
Oh how Gods plans are always different to our own! That I am forever thankful for!

After becoming engaged to my teenage crush Jared, I took the risk
and went out Full Time Self-Employed as a photographer in 2011.


Since then my love for people and documenting
their lives and stories is ever growing.

I'm the kind of photographer that when I photograph your wedding day
I don't turn up as just the photographer but more like someone who actually cares about you, 
is a friend, there to hold your hand, help Grandad with his buttonhole, share our chocolate stash with the bridal party, Have endless amounts of fun and laughter, and capture all those hilarious and romantic in-between moments.

Look forward to hopefully meeting you and capturing your wedding or family.